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Why A College Degree Still Matters

In an era of doom-and-gloom headlines about higher education, we simply cannot overlook the enduring value of a college degree. Earning a degree remains a game-changer, especially for the young leaders Degrees of Change serves, many of whom are Black, Indigenous and people of color…
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Supporting Diverse Students Will Protect Our Democracy

At Degrees of Change, we say our programs support the new faces of leadership that society desperately needs. However, we understand that such language may mean different things to different people in the current political climate. So, what do we mean as an organization when…
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Our Founding Story

Degrees of Change founder Tim Herron grew up in Spokane, Washington, and moved to Tacoma in 1990 to attend the University of Puget Sound (UPS) as a math major. It was around the time of the Ash Street shootout in Tacoma’s historically redlined Hilltop neighborhood.…
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5 Reasons Why Community Partners Are Key for Nonprofits

Communities today face many complex challenges, and we need many minds to find solutions. At Degrees of Change, community partnerships are the backbone of how we move forward our mission to prepare diverse young leaders for college and career success. We believe we can only…
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Our Favorite Women in History

This Women’s History Month, women-identified staff at Degrees of Change are thrilled to share a roundup of the women who inspire us most. Some are from times past, some are still with us, but all have made a profound impact on the U.S. and world.…
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Marquise Dixon Is Paving the Way for Others to Lead

Act Six was founded two decades ago. But it was eight years ago that it expanded to the Midwest and became a national program thanks to the leadership of an extraordinary person – Marquise Dixon, CPO and Act Six national director. “I try to represent…
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