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Degrees of change

To College and back. Together.

We prepare diverse, homegrown leaders to succeed in college and career in order to build more vibrant and equitable communities.
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Franklin Pierce Schools Joins Seed Teachers

TACOMA, Wash. (November 21, 2023) – Franklin Pierce School District (FPS) announces it is joining the innovative Seed Teachers program, a transformative initiative developed by Degrees of Change in partnership with Pacific Lutheran University (PLU). “The…

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Seed Teachers 2023-24 Application Is Open

The 2023-2024 application for our Seed Teachers program is officially open! Seed Teachers, a new program by Degrees of Change, Tacoma Public Schools, Franklin Pierce School District, and Pacific Lutheran University, offers diverse Pierce County…

| Blog

Supporting Diverse Students Will Protect Our Democracy

At Degrees of Change, we say our programs support the new faces of leadership that society desperately needs. However, we understand that such language may mean different things to different people in the current political…

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Tomorrow's Leaders

At Degrees of Change we are growing scholars and leaders. As a result, new generations of talented and connected, homegrown, college graduates are transforming their home communities and beyond.
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Our scholars defy the status quo, graduating college at double the rate for students from similar demographics.


Diverse, homegrown leaders build more equitable systems on campus, at home and beyond.


Our programs support students from 7 communities across 5 states at 24 private and public, 4- and 2-year colleges.