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Amaria’s Story

Amaria grew up immersed in nonprofits and the benefits they bring through her mother’s social entrepreneurship. Amaria’s mother was a childcare provider throughout her younger years and was active in the community. Her mother could be found often discounting her services and watching neighborhood children…
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Ricki’s Story

Ever since he can remember, Ricki Ruiz has loved soccer. Growing up in Gresham, Oregon, Ricki and his friends didn’t have access to public soccer fields, but that didn’t stop them from playing where ever they could. Sometimes even playing in parking lots or sneaking…
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Brandon’s Story

Brandon Williams took a chance on Act Six. As a senior at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Minneapolis, Brandon was the first student from his school to be accepted to Howard University, and was also considering accepting an admission offer from his dream school, Loyola University…
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Michelle’s Story

Michelle Bess always aspired to be a leader and role model. Through Act Six, Michelle got her first glimpse at the kind of impact to be found in radical inclusion. Today, she serves as vice president of talent and diversity, equity and inclusion at a…
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Andrea’s Story

When Andrea joined Ready to Rise, her goal was to gain more confidence as a public speaker. She knew it would be an important skill to develop but didn’t know where to find the training and mentorship to do so. As she pursued public speaking…
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Gavin’s Story

Gavin Ames currently attends the University of Washington Tacoma as a business administration major. As part of the first cohort of Seed interns, Gavin interned at Gensco, holding the position of Operations Intern, where he was trained to support distribution management and warehouse operations. Gavin…
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