In addition to leading the growing national Act Six network, Degrees of Change supports a range of community organizations and colleges across the country with our products and services as they support underrepresented leaders on the journey to college and back.  In addition, Degrees of Change is an active member of the National College Access Network (NCAN) and a participant in the NCAN Common Measures Learning Community.





“Degrees of Change curriculum has given a common language and material to our college access staff and teachers to be able to effectively discuss college persistence. We serve a diverse group of students who readily engage with the curriculum, activities and conversations that the materials facilitate. The material is easy to navigate and it effectively reaches to the mind and heart of students. It is the single best curriculum that we have ever worked with.”

Peter Williams
Peter WilliamsDirector of Youth Education Programs
MDC Making a Difference in Community

“The transition from high school to college is fraught with challenges that test students’ sense of identity and self-worth. Some of our students disengage from the campus as a result and never complete their degrees. Degrees of Change has provided our staff with critical training, curriculum, and support that has enabled our programming to provide more focused and useful curriculum to our students as they make that transition. As a result our students are better equipped to face their challenges with both tangible skills (e.g. time management, money management) and intangible beliefs about their worth as learners and leaders on the college campus.”

Daniel Bacon
Daniel BaconDirector of College and Career
Peace Community Center

“The Act Six program has brought to Whitworth an extraordinary group of students who have enriched our campus through their leadership and service, even as we have taught and mentored them. The program requires big investments, but it also delivers big rewards. So, it would be irresponsible and morally unacceptable if we didn’t explore ways to expand Act Six to other schools.”

Bill Robinson, Ph.D.
Bill Robinson, Ph.D.President Emeritus
Whitworth University