We are looking for highly-qualified, committed individuals who want to invest their talent and time in a mission that matters, joining a diverse, high-performing team in an entrepreneurial, collaborative and flexible work environment.

Current position openings:

First Year Program Support - AmeriCorps | Tacoma, WA

Organization’s Mission:

Degrees of Change mission is to prepare diverse, homegrown leaders to succeed in college and use their degrees to build more vibrant and equitable communities. We fulfill this mission by creating college transition and completion programs that send under-represented students to college together in community, provide them with training and support to develop their leadership skills and mentorship to support their transition to and graduation from college.

Position’s Alignment to Organization’s Mission:

Degrees of Change’s two main programs are Act Six which partners with private liberal arts colleges and Ready to Rise which partners with two- and four-year public colleges. The AmeriCorps led project will provide intensive support to the recruitment, selection and training phases of these two programs locally in Tacoma (both programs) and Seattle (Act Six only). This project which focuses on engaging and supporting local high school seniors is the critical foundation to supporting students to graduate college and become significant community leaders.

AmeriCorps Project Description:

Degrees of Change AmeriCorps project is to provide intensive support to the recruitment, selection and training phase of Act Six and Ready to Rise programs, supporting high school seniors to be college ready and transition to college successfully, while developing leadership skills and building a strong, supportive peer community. In this way, the AmeriCorps project is central to beginning of our journey with students to and through college. It is during this first year that our program participants, we call them scholars, build life changing relationships with their peers who will walk with them throughout their college journey and beyond, it is where they will receive leadership development, identity and cross cultural communication trainings that they will rely upon in both the most meaningful and most challenging moments in college and beyond that will help them persevere and persist towards their goal of a bachelor’s degree and living a life of impact.

Member Key Essential Functions of the Position:

AmeriCorps member duties include the following:

  • Schedule and conduct recruitment visits at local high schools and community events around the urban Puget Sound region
  • Attend Act Six and Ready to Rise staff retreats and meetings
  • Recruit and support volunteers to participate in the recruitment, selection and training program phases
  • Track potential applicants utilizing scholar database
  • Follow-up with recruits via phone, text and email
  • Support the selection phase for Act Six and Ready to Rise
  • Assist in planning college preparedness training for new scholars
  • Schedule and conduct recruitment visits for the following year

Member Performance Measure Expected Output(s) and Outcome(s):

Provide critical support to the recruitment of 108 high school seniors to receive pre-college training and enter college the fall after their graduation from high school.

  • Output: Support 108 economically disadvantaged youth (16 to 24) who receive academic and career planning services.
  • Outcome: Support 108 economically disadvantaged youth (16 to 24) who obtain college readiness.
  • Outcome: Support 108 students entering post-secondary institutions.

Member Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

WSC members may be deployed to help support disaster response and/or recovery efforts. Sponsor organizations must agree to release Members for short term duration to assist with these efforts. Deployment may be waived if it presents undue hardship for an individual member. All deployments would be requested by the WSC unless your host organization is a disaster response organization where any requests for deployment would require initial approval by the WSC.

Volunteer Management:

AmeriCorps volunteer management duties include:

  • Participate in the recruitment and support of volunteers who will further the goals of the AmeriCorps project.
  • Oversee the volunteer activities of the AmeriCorps project to ensure that the activities are allowable and not prohibited.
  • Implement at least three new effective volunteer management practices.

Qualifications required for this position:

The AmeriCorps First Year Program Support member must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • An understanding and belief in the Degrees of Change mission, the importance of developing home-grown leaders and the opportunity a college education provides in that leadership development.
  • A basic understanding of and desire for personal growth in the areas of equity, intercultural communication, and justice.
  • Understanding of the college application process and the challenges that accompany students, especially first-generation students, in their transition to college.
  • Ability to work with diverse students and their families, as well as individual, community, and school partners.
  • Ability to navigate the Microsoft suite of products including Word, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint, etc.
  • Ability to be proactive and independent worker.
  • Ability to take on projects and lead them to completion.
  • Ability to ask questions and problem solve.