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My Legacy of Hispanic Heritage and Leadership

by Cher Abigail Aguilar Henriquez As Hispanic Heritage Month unfolds, I find myself deeply reflecting on my journey. My name is Cher Abigail Aguilar Henriquez, and I am an Act Six Scholar at Saint Martin’s University. However, at my core, I am a sister, a…
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Seed Internships Was There for Me

by Liza Vykhovanets Life is a giant maze filled with many doors. These doors are always there, waiting for you to find them. Sometimes, you might not know what’s on the other side and you’re not sure whether to go through. But when you do,…
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How I Found Belonging as A Hmong Woman in Thailand

by Tia Moua During my junior year of college, I decided to study abroad in Thailand because I wanted to connect more deeply with my Hmong roots. My parents are refugees from Laos and lived in Thai refugee camps, so I’ve always felt a sense…
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What Black History Month Means to Me

From Tacoma to Spokane to Kirkland, Washington, Act Six scholars tell us what Black History Month means to them and why celebrating the Black community is critical all year round. Ephraim Watkins Whitworth University, Act Six Cadre 20 Black History Month is a time of…
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Seed Internships: My Opportunity to Grow

by Maria Babko Becoming a senior in the computer science major at the University of Washington Tacoma is very exciting. But because I’m so close to graduation, family, friends, teachers, and colleagues have started asking what my post-graduation plan is. With this pressure, I knew…
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What Hispanic Heritage Month Means to Me

by Megan Quiñones My name is Megan Quiñones, and I am honored to have been a part of the first cohort of Seed interns in 2019. I identify as White and Puerto Rican, or Boricua, or Caribbean. I grew up in a blended household and…