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Act Six Celebrates 91 New College Graduates

This past school year, 91 Act Six scholars from underrepresented communities in Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota graduated from college. The scholars earned degrees from Augsburg University, Bethany Lutheran College, Bethel University, Concordia College, Corban University, George Fox University, Gonzaga University, Heritage University, North Central University, Northwest University, Oakland City University, Pacific Lutheran University, Saint Martin’s University, Taylor University, University of Northwestern – St. Paul, Warner Pacific University, and Whitworth University. They graduated together with records of distinguished leadership, service, and academic achievement.

The 91 newest Act Six graduates are listed below, along with their majors and high schools:


Augsburg University

Meek Stalling, B.A. Finance (Southwest High School)

Samantha Dougan, B.A. Management Information Systems & International Business (Brooklyn Center High School)

Alyssa Parkhurst, B.A. American Indian Studies & Environmental Studies (John A Johnson High School)


Bethany Lutheran College

Kimberly Moua, B.A. Business Administration (Tartan Senior High School)

Linda Senaphanh, B.A. Communication & Business Administration (Edison Senior High School)

Emily Sanchez, B.A. Communication & Paralegal (John F Kennedy Sr High School)

Kimberly Caballero, B.A. Communication (Washburn Senior High School)

Sophie Zawisza, B.A. Theatre (Roseville Area High School)

Jahir Nuñez-Martinez, B.A. Business Administration (Rogers High School)


Bethel University

Grace Bianchi, B.S.N. Nursing (Roseville Area High School)

Elijah Barlue, B.A. Business (Osseo High School)

Eh Neidah Tee, B.A. Business & Human Resource Management (Roseville Area High School)

Vanessa Lopez, B.S.N. Nursing (Park Center IB World High School)

Dy Der, B.S. Biokinetics (Roseville Area High School)

Maria Navidad Sanchez Resendiz, B.S. Electrical Engineering (Roosevelt High School)

Jireh Babalola, B.S. Electrical Engineering (Park Center IB World High School)

Simon Gray, B.A. Business (Home School)


Concordia College

Layla Ali, B.A. Social Work (Edina High School)

Samantha Arocho, B.S.N. Nursing (De La Salle High School)

Eh Lar, B.A. Social Work (Roseville Area High School)

Caden Neterer, B.A. Psychology (Home School)


Corban University

Valeria Michel-Garcia, B.S. Business Administration (Jefferson High School)


George Fox University

Alejandro Lopez, B.A. Marketing (Tigard Senior High School)

Maria Castaneda-Cervantes, B.A. Communication (Forest Grove High School)

Kyle Herzberg, B.S. Kinesiology (Southridge High School)

Alicia Marcial-Cruz, B.A. Communication (Parkrose High School)

Alexander Lue, B.A. Business Administration (Gladstone High School)

Yulisa Marcos Cristobal, B.A. Business Administration (McKay High School)


Gonzaga University

Jacob Hill, B.A. Political Science (On Track Academy)

Marychristie Benjamin, B.A. Economics (Shadle Park High School)

Joseph Zuniga, B.A. Biology & Environmental Studies (Central Valley High School)

Richard Boulay, B.S. Biology (Mount Tahoma High School)

Anisia Khammala, B.A. Sociology (Franklin Pierce High School)

Diana Garcia Diaz, B.S. Electrical Engineering (Tyee High School)


Heritage University

Rosario Ruiz Gonzalez, B.S.N. Nursing (A C Davis Senior High School)

Oscar Suarez, B.A. Criminal Justice (White Swan High School)

Mayra Quintero, B.S. Biology (Wapato Senior High School)

Tyler Olney, B.S. Biology (White Swan High School)

Salvador Cobar, B.A. Education (La Salle High School)

Zahira Flores Gaona, B.A. Psychology (A C Davis Senior High School)

Isaiah Cisneros, B.A. Psychology (Toppenish High School)

Perla Bolanos, B.A. Business Administration (Toppenish High School)

Elvia Valdovinos, B.A. Social Work (Dwight D Eisenhower High School)

Julian Licea, B.A. Social Work (Zillah High School)


North Central University

Celena Eamiguel, B.S. Business Administration (Roseville Area High School)

Tian Elder, B.A. Biblical & Theological Studies (Hope Academy)

Helen Diaz-Villegas, B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Science Concentration, Communication Arts (Washburn Senior High School)

E E Thao, B.S. Education (5-12) (Highland Park Senior High School)

Sade Berrouet, B.S. Education (Park Center IB World High School)


Northwest University

Jonah Faitala, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies (Steilacoom Senior High School)

Lidia Elala, B.S. Biology (Roosevelt High School)

Julia Shaffer, B.A. Elementary Education (Lakes High School)

Christopher Symonette, B.A. Education (Foster High School)

Vanessa Tercero, B.A. Management (Cascade Christian School)


Oakland City University

Neonna Witty, B.A. Communication (Arsenal Technical High School)

Joana Munoz-Merlin, B.A. Early Childhood Education Licensure (Perry Meridian High School)

Chu Soi, B.S. Business Administration: Management & Human Resource Management (Emmerich Manual High School)


Pacific Lutheran University

Carlos Alvarez, B.A. Chinese Studies (Clover Park High School)

Kayla Hoy, B.A. Communication (Lincoln High School)

Andre Jones, B.A. Global Studies (Foster High School)

Ian Gutierrez, B.A. Business Administration (Stadium High School)

Vanessa Vazquez, B.A. Elementary Education (Highline High School)

Abdulghani Mosa, B.A. Business Administration (Henry Foss High School)


Saint Martin’s University

Reine Darcy Albite, B.A. Accounting (Pope John Paul II High School)

Asma Ibrahim, B.A. Criminology and Criminal Justice (Federal Way Senior High School)

Tina Ngo, B.S.N. Nursing (Highline High School)

Katherine Jamerson, B.A. Psychology (Franklin Pierce High School)

Elvis Knight, B.A. Business Administration (Tacoma Science Math Institute)

Jolie Bwiza, B.A. Political Science (Stadium High School)

Victorya Selene Esperanza, B.A. Sociology and Cultural Anthropology (Kentridge Senior High School)


Taylor University

Brandon Neal, B.A. Marketing (Chicago Hope Academy)

Dattrick Woody, B.A. Marketing (Lindblom Math and Science Academy)

Jailene Medina, B.S. Human Physiology and Preventive Medicine (Chicago Academy High School)

Destiny Ortega, B.A. Anthropology and Sociology (Phoenix Military Academy)

Liannah Foster, B.A. Theatre Arts (Chicago High School For Arts)

Zaye Wide, B.A. Communication (Charles A Tindley Accelerated)

Dulce Cabrera, B.A. Social Work (Crispus Attucks High School)


University of Northwestern – St Paul

Flower Lee, B.S. Psychology & Bible (Champlin Park High School)

Ler Say Thin, B.A. Public Relations & Bible (Roseville Area High School)

Jose Montano-Silva, B.S. Engineering (Cristo Rey Jesuit High School)


Warner Pacific University

Makoura Dolley, B.S. Social Work (David Douglas High School)

Hussein Haaji, B.S. Psychology & Human Development and Family Studies (David Douglas High School)

Marcos Romero Turner, B.S. Social Entrepreneurship (Mt Scott Center for Learning)

Jaquelyn Reyes, B.S. Psychology (Gresham High School)

Thien Tu, B.S. Biological Science & Kinesiology (Reynolds High School)

Juan Carlos Tellez Flores, B.S. Accounting and Business Administration (De La Salle North Catholic High School)


Whitworth University

Jainee Weidemann, B.A. Music Education (Lewis and Clark High School)

Alexia Campos Flores, B.S. Biology (Shadle Park High School)

Celia Vigil, B.A. Political Science & Spanish Language & Literature (Joel E Ferris High School)

Dollar Ganu, B.A. Psychology (Tacoma Science Math Institute)

Janeth Beltran Apodaca, B.A. Communication (Mount Rainier High School)


About Act Six

The Act Six program provides full scholarships and leadership training for emerging urban and community leaders who want to use their college education to make a difference on campus and in their communities at home. Since 2002, Act Six has trained 1,335 scholars from seven cities in 199 cadres for 17 private, liberal arts colleges. Our scholars are 90% students of color, first generation or low-income. Eighty-one percent of Act Six scholars earn their bachelor’s degrees within six years, nearly double the rate for low-income, first-generation students nationwide. More than two-thirds of Act Six alumni are working or serving back in their home communities.

Featured image: 2023 Act Six college graduates (left to right): Janeth Beltran Apodaca (Whitworth University Cadre 17), Chris Symonette (Northwest University Cadre 11), and Asma Ibrahim (Saint Martin’s University Cadre 1)

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