We offer a range of program models and consulting services along with curriculum and technology tools to help our partners build and expand effective,  high impact programs.  Backed by academic research and more than a decade of real-world success, our strategies and tools not only equip underrepresented students to succeed in college, but also empower and connect students to return and lead in their home communities.

    Our flagship program, Act Six provides a comprehensive cohort-based, leadership-focused approach to equipping underrepresented students as campus and community leaders.  Act Six connects community affiliates and faith- and social justice-based colleges to provide  pre-college training, on-campus support, and now both full and partial scholarships.  With the right commitments in place, new partners can join the growing national Act Six network, or create a locally branded and customized version of the program for their unique context.

    Degrees of Change Academy program models utilize strategic subsets of the Act Six program elements to deliver cohort-based pre-college training and coaching support to students who do not have access to full scholarships.  Designed to complement other program strategies and boost college persistence and completion rates for underrepresented students across a wide range of settings, Academy programs offer flexible and cost-effective models for programs from organizations from TRiO to foster care, from public and charter high schools to church and community youth groups.

    While Degrees of Change programs are highly effective when delivered by small groups of community and college partners, imagine the impact if multiple organizations across a city organized themselves to offer coordinated, cohort-based pre-college training and coaching support to every college-bound student in the community.  We can help communities organize their efforts to leverage the power of collective impact.

    With the long-term goal of weaving a fabric of diverse, educated and connected leadership in underserved communities, the Alumni Institute model builds on the initial Act Six investment by creating a platform for ongoing leadership and professional development, networking, and the continued fostering of a shared spirit of service for program graduates.

    Degrees of Change resources are delivered via a unified cloud-based software platform.  Our FOYOST (FOllow YOur STudents) application provides powerful tools for organizations to track and communicate with groups of college students while monitoring real-time performance metrics and reporting on important program outcomes.  FOYOST undergirds Degrees of Change programs but can also be utilized as a stand-alone product to support existing college success programs.  The first FOYOST product to be publically released is the College Enrollment Visualizer.

    With an talented team and more than a decade of demonstrated success, Degrees of Change has the experience and expertise to help community organizations and colleges create innovative, custom solutions to the challenges they face in helping underrepresented students thrive in college and lead in their communities back home.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation.