Act Six Aims to Provide New Faces in Leadership – NCAN

We are excited to share with you all that Act Six was featured in the latest National College Access Network newsletter, announcing the in-depth program case study that NCAN just published. Act Six was one of four programs selected nationally for these profiles as part of NCAN’s Benchmarking Project, based on the exceptional graduation rates of our participants.

In the report, Bill DeBaun, NCAN Director of Data and Evaluation, points out that Act Six achieves six-year graduation rates of over 80 percent and almost two-thirds of Act Six’s graduates return to their home communities to advance positive changes. Ann Coles, senior fellow at uAspire and the author of the case studies, noted that, “Act Six’s success is attributable in large measure to the organization’s fidelity to its defining elements: cohorts as a core structure, the importance of cultural integrity, intensive leadership training, and fostering a strong sense of purpose.”

The report is a testimony to the extraordinary work that we collectively undertake to inspire and support our amazing Act Six leaders. To learn more about the program and its results, you can download the full report here.